Hello and welcome to my website, My website is the place where I share my photography and have a nice gallery setup to show you if your interested. I also have a blog that I use to write about a photo shoot, or something this going on with me. I also have a blog that I use to make light of a photo that I like from some random photographer. I also use my spotlight section to shine a light on a product, service or anything else for that matter. I am also using this site for my resume and to show off some of the other websites that I have built. Click here to read more about me.

My Photography

I started my journey into photography around 2001, and have had a lot of fun behind the camera since. I enjoy shooting landscapes, waterfalls and flowers. I also enjoy taking intimate shots of cars with flash. Lightning is probably my favorite thing to shoot. Sadly I have not been behind the camera nearly enough in the last few years. Check out the rest of my gallery . Click here to view photo gallery.

Latest Photo's

I had the opportunity to go to the Sacramento Capitol Air Show. I friend of mine got me into the show right on the flight line. The jets were so close you could see the pilots flying. It was the most awesome spot to see the show and get some good shots of the aircraft. The thunder they make as they fly just above your head is breathtaking. The ground would shake as they cut sideways and turn off the main flight path to go straight over head. It was the best airshow position I have had the pleasure of seeing a show from. I am hoping that I get to do it again next year. It was the first time I got to see an F35 fly, I have to say that it put on a pretty good show. The thrust vectoring allows it to turn on a dime, very impressive.


I have several blogs that I post to. My world blog is an all around blog that I put various content in from news articles to my own thought on something or happening in my life. Spotlight is used to shine a spotlight on a product or some other thing that I want to point out. Photo Focus is used to focus on a photo of mine or someone else's. Look around and enjoy.

My World Blog

I use this section of my Site to blog about various things. I might talk about a photo shoot that I went on, or make a comment about something I have seen or thought about. I might even go on a rant about something. Just an all around place to write stuff.

Website Updates

I have been busy updating my website with a few tweaks and been busy creating several others. I have also changed my website address to troy-cross.com in case you didn't notice. I have been wanting to use my name for a while, but there are already websites using my name, so I had to add a dash.

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Web Work

I have been working on my own website since 200, it have changed many times since then. I also administer several different websites and enjoy building and deploying them. I have created the sites using Rapidweaver and themes from various designers as well as designing my own using Foundation. Click here to view more details.

Troy Cross

Contact Me

Please take a look around the site and enjoy. If you notice anything that is broken or misspelled or just in general that isn't right, let me know. I would love to hear from you. I do my best to put all the pieces of the site together, but I do miss things now and again.

Thank You

Thank you to all the Rapidweaver designers out there helping us non designers to create awesome looking websites, we could not do it without you.

Thanks to family and friends that put up with complimenting me on my website and for checking it out every time I change it.