Photographer: Stephen Sieren
Photo Link: Empty Sky

The photo of the month for March goes to Stephen Sieren and his photo named Empty Sky.
The Empty Sky photo makes my mind conjour up a dungeon and dragons type of story, in a land far away.

Raistlin and Carmen are twins who both lead different lives, Raistlin is a black wizard who has taken a much sinister path then his brother. Carmen, a big strong warrior who towers over most men, a stark contrast to his sickly brother. The two have come together to save the lands from an evil force that is trying to overthrow the kingdoms of quallindale.

The two brothers have travled through the thick forests of the south lands, but now find themselves having to cross the desert lands that provide very little shelter or food for their journey. They stumble upon a war party that stands between them and there allies to the north. They have to get past this party in order to let the other kindoms know of the plans to mount a defence against the invaders.

Raistlin and Carmen need a distraction in order to get past the war party if the are to get the word out in time. Raistilin spots a small cloud off in the distance and gets an idea, He sits down and begins to concentrate on the cloud and mubles slowly, the magic words. The once small cloud is now growing bigger, darker, taller and more ominous by the second. Raistlins words begin to be quicker, stronger more focused more stern. The cloud begins to move slowy at first and then quickens its pace towards the war party.

The wind begins to blow accross the desert, the sun begins to fade as the darkenss from the cloud decends up on the approching war band. They stop and turn to see the dark cloud as it begine to swirl and move with a unatureal form. This form begins to take shape before their eyes, first a head appears, then what looks like wings, finally a dragons foot with long claws. A rush of wind blows forth as the dragon leaps forth to devour.

The war party sees this dragon appear out of the clouds and begins to run, and hide from this monster that is upon them. Raistling and Carmen seize this opportunity to make their move to get beyond the site of the now scattered war band. As they get far enogh away, Raistlin holds out his and wispers and the dragoin dissapears back into the clouds as suddenly as it appeard.

Ok whew that was a close one.

I would ask that all who read this story to please take a look at Stephens wonderful photography. As I wonder through his gallery, I cant help but wish that I could have been there to see the same sights that he has. To see the light as he saw it and imagine what it will look like once captured by his camera. It makes me want to reach futher down in myself to find the photograper that I could be, to be better than I am.

Stephen, Thank you for what you do. And thank you for the inspiration.