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I use this section of my Site to blog about various things. I might talk about a photo shoot that I went on, or make a comment about something I have seen or thought about. I might even go on a rant about something. Just an all around place to write stuff.

Idaho Visit

I moved my departure to Idaho up a day since it was supposed to snow over the pass and I didn't want to drive early in the morning on some possible slippery roads. I was surprised going over Donner Summit at the lack of snow. We obviously did not get the snow we needed this year.  

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Home At Last

Well, it was a long long ride home from Flagstaff. We were on the road before 5:15 this morning, which came rather early since it was kind of a rough night of sleep. We stayed at a Quality Inn, that had no air-condition or fan. The hotel did not even have an elevator, which is surprising for some

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Headed Home

We left Aunt Sharon’s house this morning at 5:30am, our destination, home. It was a nice crisp morning, low clouds hung in the sky moving quickly off to the south as if in a hurry to get somewhere. The roads were dry after the evenings rain. The darkness of the landscape lit up

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NSRA Awards

Dad's 58 was chosen for an award, so he got to park in the inside the building for the day, so that his car was on display under the lights. This was nice for several reasons, one: its was cold and windy outside, and two: the crowd was all pretty much in the building to view the car on display.

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A day full of adventure

Dad and I arrived at the show around 6:30 am to a long line of cars waiting to get in the gate. The wind was howling again this morning and the temp outside was a brisk 30 degrees. Needless to say, we had all the windows rolled up, heads adorned with beanies and coats on. Once the sun came up,

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The Zoo, 50th Anniversary, Birthday Party

Jessica & Caleb picked me up from the car show and took me to the Zoo. The grand babies were excited, Max in particular wanted to see some Elephants. We arrived to find the parking lot packed and there were strollers, moms and kids in every direction. I was surprised that it was so crowded

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NSRA Show Day 1

Dad had been wanting to get the 58 in the NSRA show in Oklahoma since we finished building it. I am glad to report that we finally made it. We arrived at the the show long before the sun came up to find we were about 20th in line to get in. The wind was howling  and there was a threat of rain.

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The 58 Made Its Oklahoma Debut

Dad and I went and got the registration for the car show and had lunch at Whataburger, and what a burger it was. There were a good number of cars at the hotel where the registration process was being held, so hopefully it will turn out to be a good show. The weather for Saturday and Sunday

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Slug Bug Ranch

We left Tucumcari around 5:30 this morning to continue our last leg of the trip to Oklahoma. There was a very nice sunrise as we left Amarillo. In the foreground, row after row of wind turbines, sending their produce to the city in the rearview. In the background, the sun was painting with beautiful

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Ask Siri for direction to Tucumcari

Woke up bright and early again to make gains on the road to Oklahoma. We drove straight through to Tucumcari Arizona. I did not sleep very well at all, maybe it was the ghost of James Dean that kept me waking up every hour or something. Needless to say, I was a tired

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