Dad's 58 was chosen for an award, so he got to park in the inside the building for the day, so that his car was on display under the lights. This was nice for several reasons, one: its was cold and windy outside, and two: the crowd was all pretty much in the building to view the car on display. Dad had a ton of people commenting on how well the car looked. He spent some time talking to people that grew up here in Oklahoma and reminisced about the old days. His car was picked by the NSRA Regional Director as hit top choice, and received a nice plaque. He was really hoping to win one of the $2000 dollar door prizes though. 

It was an honor to be chosen from among the 1800 other entries in the show. He was even the last car out of the show because people kept asking questions about the car. I am very proud of my dad for his work on the car.