Well, it was a long long ride home from Flagstaff. We were on the road before 5:15 this morning, which came rather early since it was kind of a rough night of sleep. We stayed at a Quality Inn, that had no air-condition or fan. The hotel did not even have an elevator, which is surprising for some one with disabilities that stayed there would only be allowed to stay on the ground floor. The room was about 75 degrees, I called down to the from desk and they simply said that I had to open my window. Dad's room was hot as well, and his screen in the windows was half torn out. Add to the hot room and window having to be open, no fan to provide noice canceling properties, it was loud and hot. 

The drive was again uneventful except for dad hollering about all the rough roads and the car bouncing around in the back of that trailer. Surprising how bad the roads are these days just about every where. We made it home after a 15 hour drive.