I have been busy updating my website with a few tweaks and been busy creating several others. I have also changed my website address to troy-cross.com in case you didn't notice. I have been wanting to use my name for a while, but there are already websites using my name, so I had to add a dash. 

I have been working on a website called TDCGaming you can see it at tdcgaming.troy-cross.com. This website was just a play ground for my xbox gaming. It was mostly to see if I could set up a website with memberships. I have been successful and I really like how it turned out. 

There is also a website called The Games We Play thegamesweplay.troy-cross.com. This site is used to record my card game that I play with my friends. It comes with a blog of the game along with a table with all the scores and who one the game. I am having fun with this recording details of our game.