Photographer: Marc Adamus
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I would like to introduce you to Marc Adamus, he is truly a talented photographer who's photo gallery is full of some very stunning photo's. His photography is some of the best I have ever seen and is truly something to inspire us all to try harder with our own photos. I am very impressed with the depth of color and the photos display such dramatic scenes. I chose this particular photo titled Lupine Meadow, Dawn because it made me think of a story.

I left home when I was but 15, headed out to make my way in the world. My mother cried and my father mearly shrugged and said good luck. My mother I think knew that I would be gone a long time as she knew my determination. My father on the other hand, just thought that I was bluffing and that I would return within the hour.

My 20 year journey has led me to far away places and lands in search of my place in the world. I learned many trades and professions over the years, but the one thing I never did do, was work the fields like my father had taught me to do. Work the land and provide for the family from the very ground that you worked. It took me a very long time, but I realized that I missed that.  I missed sitting around the table enjoying the food that we grew, and the meat that we hunted. I decided it was time to go home and see how my folks are doing and to return to the things I missed the most over the years, my home.

As I crest a small hill, I see the fields that I know so well, the tree line leading down to the valley below. The wild flowers are in bloom and the smell of the grass and pollen floods my memory as I get a tear in my eye and a fond smile on my face. I know that my home is just on the other side of the trees, by the small stream that flows down the hill side.

I start to run down the hill as I see the smoke rising through the trees from the morning fire that tries to warm up the cold house. I can picture my father stoking the fire, smoking his pipe, my mother cooking breakfast and the smell of the food as it wafts through the air.  I round a small bend and see the house that I grew up in.  I'm flooded with emotions from joy to apprehension. What will they say when they see me, do I knock, or just open the door and go in?  Will they recognize me and accept me home?  I approach the door and pause… I knock 3 times, I hear heavy footsteps coming towards the door, and it opens.

Well…..thats the story I came up with. Please stop by and check out Marc's photos, he has obviously put a lot of work and effort into his photography and it deserves to be recognized. I promise the time is well worth it.

Thank you Mark for sharing your work.