I have started using Total CMS and Foundation to build my website, and I could not be more pleased. I have been able to setup several different blogs, I have setup an admin screen to administer each blog from one page. I love the blog setting and all the different ways that you can display the blogs. I love the fact that I can display a blog post anywhere on my site and it updates automatically. I tried using a different CMS tool, and while I really did like the ease of which you could set it up, I was not able to add new posts using my iPad, that was an important part that I could not believe was overlooked. With Total CMS, I can use my iPad, and that is hands down a winner in my book.

I have used the Foundation theme to set up my website, and I love al the different options that allow me to build the site anyway I want. Not only will this save money in the long run by not buying new themes. So all in all, I recommend anyone buying the Total CMS and Foundation for working on your websites.