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My Stuff pages are filled with stuff and things that I have owned or still own, or have used at one point in time or another. I have listed out camera's and equipment, Computers, Cars, Home Entertainment things and even Home Lighting. I refer to these from time to time when someone asks about something or I needed the information on it when I could not recall it in my mind.

Cokin Gradual Grey G1 Ref. 120

Gradual Grey G1 Ref. 120Basically, this Gradual Neutral Grey reduces the total amount of light reaching the film without affecting the color balance. It restores the balance between the main subject and the foreground/background. 120 is color 1.Gradual Grey G2 (ND8) Ref. 121Basically, this Gradual

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Cokin P Series Filter Holder

Cokin P Series Filter HolderThe Cokin Creative Filter System consists of a rectangular plastic filter holder with four slots (one for Cokin rotating filters and three for rectangular ones), a variety of optional adapter rings which click into place and rotate, and many optical resin filters.There

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ExpoDisc Neutral

ExpoDisc NeutralThe ExpoDisc transmits 18% of light in the visible spectrum through to your camera’s film or image sensor. Much like a traditional gray card, the resulting featureless image, or 'gray frame' that is captured through the ExpoDisc represents the average color of light at the physical

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