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My Stuff pages are filled with stuff and things that I have owned or still own, or have used at one point in time or another. I have listed out camera's and equipment, Computers, Cars, Home Entertainment things and even Home Lighting. I refer to these from time to time when someone asks about something or I needed the information on it when I could not recall it in my mind.

Bose CineMate® GS Series II

CineMate® GS Series II home theater speaker system•A 2.1-channel speaker system with compact speakers and improved digital acoustic performance•Designed to enhance the audio from your TV and existing video sources•Available with Gemstone speakers and universal remote or Articulated Array speakers

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Harmon Kardron Soundsticks

Harmon Kardron SoundsticksThe satellites on the Soundsticks use an engineering principle that's well known, but relatively little used: combining several smaller speakers in one unit.  As a result, you can produce audio equivalent to what you'd find from a single speaker with a much larger

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